Worship At Christmas

Do we understand what it is to “worship” at Christmas?  I’m not talking about “worshipping Christmas” as so many do today, but just simply worshipping during Christmas.  
 So many allow the emphasis to remain in the wrong place during this time of the year.  We know that the wise men were overjoyed . . . but joy was not why they worshipped.  We know that they brought gifts . . . But they did not worship those gifts, nor did the presentation of gifts precede their worship.  In fact we can say that their gifts were an expression of their worship.  And Whom did they worship?  Jesus!  They did not worship “her” (Mary), nor any other person.  They worshipped Jesus!  And how do we know that?  Their focus was to come and be with HIM!
 Where are we this Christmas season?  Well, we can answer that by taking an honest look at where we want to be.  At the mall?  In the kitchen? At the office party?  With our family and friends?  If ANY of these precede JESUS, then we are worshipping something or someone else . . . And this is not what Christmas is about at all.
 Let’s place worship where it needs to be . . . At the forefront of our lives and at the feet of our Savior, Jesus Christ Who’s birth we celebrate in this year.

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