Our People

Waipio GBC is much more than a church, it is truly a family. We have grown together for over 50 years and will continue to do so until the Lord's return. We work together, play together, laugh together, cry together, and will stay together because that is what family does.

  • Our Pastor

    Pastor Frank L. Figueroa Jr. "I was born in 1969 and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The first 8 years of my life were spent in Kailua, while the majority of my life was spent in Waipahu. After I married my wife April in 1995, we "stepped up" to Mililani. I remember when I was young, my greatest desire was to be “in front”. I was a class clown as well as the student who always had the “talks too much” box checked on their report card. (Being Portuguese and raised in Hawaii, what else did they expect?) In Jr. High, the best way I saw to achieve my desire to be 'in front' was to be a "ROCK STAR!". It doesn’t get any more 'in front' then being the lead guitarist of a heavy metal band! I was influenced by heavy metal music from a very young age, but little did I know this love for music was going to be the catalyst that God used to lead me to Himself. All of my friends at that time were heavily into music, including one particular friend who was into “Christian Metal”. This intrigued me enough to attend bible studies that were led by his parents at his house. My desire in going to these bible studies certainly wasn’t to learn about God, but this is where God met me. One night after the bible study, my friend's mother had me read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Once I realized I was part of the list of people that “would not inherit the kingdom of God”, I came face to face with my desperate need to accept Jesus as my Savior. I was 16 years old. Since that time, I graduated from Pearl City High School followed by the University of Hawaii. God allowed me to be the lead guitar player in the christian metal band 'Theocracy A.D.' for many years, but most importantly, He allowed me to teach His Word in a small bible study geared to reach out to people who were just like me. This gave me the opportunity to teach in various settings; eventually leading to me being the youth pastor at Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor for over a decade. Not only was I trained in the ministry at Calvary Chapel, but it was where I met many of my life long friends. I can’t leave out my wife April when talking about my life. Since meeting her fifteen years ago, she has been the backbone and support to all of the ministries that God has called us into. Little did I know in 2008 I would have to be her support as she battled breast cancer. And although we have faced many other challenges within our fourteen years as a married couple, not once have we ever felt anything less then God’s absolute blessing and joy in our lives together. Similar to most pastors & teachers, I have been influenced by a variety of different people over the years. However, two men more than any others helped shape & mold me in & for the ministry; Pastor Dave Mitchell and Pastor Derald Skinner. These two men modeled for me what it means to be “Christ-like” and to selflessly serve in the ministry. Additionally to these two brothers, I have many family and friends who have impacted me greatly as well, not the least of which are my parents. Some of my favorite pastors and teachers include; John MacArthur Jr. , Warren Wiersbe , Chuck Swindoll, Alister Begg, and many others. But most importantly, I would like to give credit to the greatest Teacher who ever lived, Jesus Christ. It is through His grace and mercy that I am able to have the 'dream job' of shepherding a portion of His flock. To Him be all honor, glory, and praise now and forevermore."

  • Our Elder Board

    At Waipio GBC, we believe in the duplicity of elders, not only because it is the Biblical model, but is also helps us to most effectively serve the body of Christ. These six men are responsible for the spiritual direction and protection of this local church, and it is their leadership and teaching that encourages us to be immitators of the Lord Jesus Christ. These men include Steve Butler, Scott Starr, Nate Malauulu, Pastor Dave Heldt, and Pastor Frank L. Figueroa Jr. Thank you for your prayers for these men as they lead and guide us at Waipio GBC.

  • Our Youth Pastor and Youth Coordinator

    Dave and Tia Heldt are a husband and wife who have a heart for young people, both within our church, as well as within our community. They are committed to teaching the Word of God so as to give the youth of today the foundation to become the leaders of tomorrow. Pastor Dave teaches the Jr. High and High School Youth Group and he and Tia both coordinate and teache our Children's Church, and Sunday School ministies. They both are active within our Awana program as well.

  • Our Awana Leaders

    Steve and Liz Butler have been faithful servants here at Waipio GBC for decades. They serve in many capacities, and are currently the leaders of our Awana Program. We minister to the children in our church as well as the children in our surrounding community desiring that all of them may know Jesus as their Savior.