Child Protection Policies

At Waipio GBC, the protection of our children is a top priority.  We have included this page to allow persons who were not able to attend our training class an opportunity to learn our policies and be certified for training within our Children's Ministry.  

Links will be provided below for the 70 minute video recorded during our class, as well as a link for the class booklet and a link for an an application form. (We have even included a link to a booklet on how to teach what appropriate touch is to your own children)

Watch the video in it's entirety, answer the questions on the back of the class booklet, and fill out an application form if you have not done so already.  When these forms are complete, bring them to Pastor Frank, Pastor Dave, Una, or Chantel, and we will work with you to make sure you are properly vetted.  This helps us to insure the safety of not only the children, but our hard working volunteers as well.

Download Section

Just click the icons to the left of the titles to download the appropriate forms to your computer so that you may follow along with the class, or so that you may print them and return them to us as soon as possible.

  • Click here to download the class booklet

  • Click here to DOWNLOAD An Application

  • Click here to Download a booklet how to teach appropriate/non-appropriate touch to your own children